Jen Muranetz
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Samples of my print works.

A selection of videos and content that as shaped me as a storyteller

Recent and past Films and videos that reflect my diversity as a visual storyteller and video journalist.



LOGLINE: Spiritual activist Stephen Jenkinson and musician Gregory Hoskins hit the road for nights of grief and mystery: part rock concert, part ode to wonder, and a love letter for the willingness to know endings.
LENGTH: 25-minutes
[Watch Lost Nation Road]

Taking Steps - Director, producer, camera, editor

TAKING STEPS the documentary takes a snapshot into a trauma- and violence-informed physical activity program created by and for pregnant and parenting women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
LENGTH: 14-minutes
[Watch trailer. To view complete film, contact me]

Better Together - Director, Producer, co-editor

LOGLINE: Short documentary delving into Vancouver’s collective housing subculture by vignetting several collective houses and documenting the political movement unfolding around this alternative way of living.
LENGTH: 10-minutes
[Watch Better Together]

Cacao Farm - Enchanted Expeditions - Camera, editor

In April 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador with Karen Elgersma and Enchanted Expeditions to film a series of travel videos. Here is one of the videos I was particularity stoked on - experiencing and filming at a cacao farm outside of Guyaquil, Ecuador.
[Watch cacao farm video]


Fabian Low Profile - Estoria Productions - director, camera, editor

I am super jazzed to create any kind of people-focused video content. Through the brand, Estoria Productions, I create legacy films for families and short documentaries entrepreneurs. Here is a piece crafted for holistic nutritionist, Fabian Low.
[Watch video on Fabian Low]


Teaching the Haida Language - Simon Fraser University - director, camera, editor

Working alongside Simon Fraser University’s marketing and communications team, I created short videos on interesting and innovative programs and research within the university. This story is about preserving the Haida language.
[Watch Haida language video]


The Truth Behind The Clothing Industry’s Water Footprint - Collective Evolution - director, camera, editor

As an assignment for Collective Evolution, I delved into the detrimental impact the clothing industry has on the environment. In demonstrating this, I met with a Vancouver artist growing and weaving with flax linen.
[Watch video]


Fernwood Bubble Man - Shaw TV Victoria - Reporter, camera, Editor

As a reporter and video journalist for Shaw TV, I had a chance to meet a lot of interesting local folks. One of which being the Fernwood Bubble Man, a man who blows bubbles in Victoria’ Fernwood neighbourhood nearly every day of the year.
[Watch Fernwood Bubble Man video]