Jen Muranetz
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Samples of my print works.

A small collection of articles I have written for various publications.

Video is my primary medium, but I have written articles for print over the years. Here are some works I am most stoked on.


Alive magazine - Preserving medicine plant knowledge

“Canada is home to nearly 4,000 species of native plants. The untrained eye may only see trees, grasses, weeds, and shrubs, but in First Nations teachings, many of these plants are medicine.” [Read full article.]

VICE CANADA - For Disabled People Seeking Intimacy, It’s a Fine Line Between Health Care and Sex Work

“Dave, who asked us not to publish his last name, hasn't always turned to the sex trade. He tells stories of long-lasting girlfriends and spontaneous relationships, but when you have a spinal cord injury, the options are limited.” [Read full article.]

modern agriculture - Goji Berries Spark Niche Market for the Fraser Valley

“Breederland’s goji berry venture began more than seven years ago. He’s not the first Canadian farmer to grow this fruit, but he believes his business, Gojoy, could be the largest commercial goji grower in the continent.” [Read full article.]


VICE CANADA - BC Jail Rehabilitates Violent Offenders Using Prison Theatre

I'm sitting shotgun as a Correctional Services Canada (CSC) staff member chauffeurs a van full of people down a quiet road within William Head Institution, a minimum security prison on Vancouver Island. [Read full article.]